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Current Searches:

At the present time, there are no active searches pending.

Edudexterity’s superintendent search services provide school committee members with a highly-customized, rigorous, inclusive, and engaging superintendent search process that will result in hiring a superintendent whose knowledge, experience, leadership skills, and professional attributes are aligned with your school district’s mission, vision, strategic objectives and action plans for the future.

Unlike its competitors, Edudexterity’s search process is not about asking school committee members to spend unnecessary time and scarce resources on recruiting a large quantity of superintendent applicants who will ultimately not meet the specific needs and high-standards established within their school district. Our focus is on quality. Through our exclusive network of over 1,400 successful school leaders nation-wide, as well as by conducting a comprehensive search process through all other traditional recruiting channels, we will help you identify a highly-qualified select set of applicants who specifically meet the hiring criteria established by your school-community.

Edudexterity takes a research-based approach to its superintendent search process. Our search consultants will review critical documents and meet with key stakeholders both internally and externally to gain an understanding of your school-community needs. We will walk hand-in-hand with you, and serve as pro-active and informed strategic partners throughout the process.

Because of its small-size and broad-reach, Edudexterity is able to provide a school committee with a range of search services tailored to meet their district’s needs effectively, efficiently and affordably. For all of the reasons stated above, and because Edudexterity’s consultants are first and foremost educators who, over decades, have demonstrated their commitment to the success of all students; we hope that you will choose Edudexterity to conduct your next superintendent search.

Search Services:

Staffing: A minimum of two (2) dedicated search consultants will be assigned to your search team (additional consultants may be added as necessary based on the scope and complexity of a district’s search process at no additional cost).

Timeline: Your consultants will provide you with various options for conducting your search within a time-frame  that will maximize your potential for obtaining a pool of highly-talented and exceptionally qualified applicants.

Phase I – Market Research:

  • Review and evaluate key internal documents, i.e. district strategic plan, action plans, communication plan, budget, Department of Education profile, and existing position description and performance responsibilities;
  • Review current local, regional and national salary and benefits data for comparable leadership positions in school districts of similar size and demographics;
  • Facilitate community and key stakeholder focus group meetings;
  • Meet individually with school committee members and other key strategic partners in the school-community;
  • Conduct a school-community needs assessment;
  • Develop a leadership profile for the position, and;
  • Provide school committee members with an executive summary report that includes key Phase I findings.

Phase II – Advertising and Recruiting:

  • Develop a comprehensive and strategic recruiting campaign using both on-line and print media platforms;
  • Design and publish all on-line and print advertisements;
  • Conduct an extensive social media marketing campaign using Edudexterity’s exclusive professional recruiting network as well as other appropriate social media outlets, job bulletin boards, District, and Edudexterity websites;
  • Directly recruit known individuals who meet the school committee’s search criteria, and;
  • Work with the district’s IT Department to develop a dedicated ‘Executive Search’ page on the school district’s website.

Phase III – Application and Screening:

  • Review the school committee’s current application procedures;
  • Provide the school committee with recommended questions for the on-line application;
  • Provide the school with recommendations for the conduct of an effective screening process and screening protocols for rating applicants, and;
  • Tabulate results and present a slate of semi-finalists to the school committee for consideration for in-person interviews.

Phase IV – In-Person Interviewing:

  • Meet with school committee members to provide them with guidance for the conduct of interviews in public;
  • Provide the school committee with recommended questions for semi-finalist and finalist interviews;
  • At the discretion of the school committee, attend semi-finalist and finalist interviews, and;
  • Meet with the school committee to debrief the interview and final selection process.

Phase V – Site Visits:

  • Assist the school committee in the coordination of site visits to finalists’ school districts;
  • Assist the school committee in the planning and coordination of finalists’ visits to the host community, and;
  • Assist the school committee in setting an agenda and identifying participants for host community site visits.

Phase VI – Reference Checks:

  • Provide the school committee with search results obtained from accredited background check data-bases, and;
  • Provide school committee members with a procedure for conducting telephonic reference checks, suggested questions, and various strategies for eliciting information critical to the decision-making process.

Phase VII – Contract Negotiations:

  • At the discretion of the school committee, provide the committee with assistance in the negotiation’s process, and;
  • Provide the school committee with substantive recommendations concerning proposed salary, benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment for its next superintendent.


  • Assist the school committee in developing a strategy for communications with both internal and external stakeholders, and the public at-large;
  • Assist in coordinating and managing communications by and between candidates and the school committee, and;

Assist the school committee in the drafting and preparation of individual communications regarding the status of the search.

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