A Student’s Diary Entries from the Post-Convergence


Dearest CBEs,

My biological-father just left for the De-Sal plant. Lucky to keep his job after the WEA took effect. The plant still needs a limited number of c-based engineers that can speak multiple machine languages to oversee algorithm-upgrades for the droids. We live close to the plant – a 10 min. commute via the aero-pike. The SIEs predict the ocean will be at our back door by ’08 or ’09. When that happens, the plant will relocate and father’s commute will be even shorter. I hope he can keep his job. He’s 107 years old and maintaining an active thinkerspace is biologically necessary. At his age, neural-network enhancement is still possible, but the procedure poses a statistically significant risk.

Status – AOK!


By: Ransom Landfare, Edudexterity Contributor

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