A Student’s Diary Entries from the Post-Convergence


Dearest CBEs,

Off to the b&m this morning to enjoin with my colleagues in a co-entity wellness program. Our Physical Activity Facilitator prepared the excer-space with equipment to increase our biometric levels. The enabled humanoids seem disengaged, and the droids watch and wait patiently. The Facilitator asked us to form teams comprised of equal numbers of humans, humanoids and droids on each side for a volleyball exhibition. The droids excel in volleyball as they do in all physical activities. They can move with greater agility and more quickly than the CBEs. After three cycles, my team prevailed in two. There is no declaration of winners or losers – just data collection. We all welcomed the inter-entity interaction. I have an appointment to meet with my Life-Scope Facilitator before I leave the b&m for the day.

Status – AOK!



By: Ransom Landfare, Edudexterity Contributor


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