The Uncluttered Cloud

By Kelly Mara

July 20, 2017

A soft puffy thing in the sky

Daydreaming or Cloud 9

Get your head out of the cloud

The place where the Care Bears reside

Lying down on an open field gazing upward into the sky.

Once upon a time, these were the first things that came to mind at hearing the word ‘cloud.’

As a yoga teacher, like many yoga and meditation teachers, I often use the cloud imagery as a visual tool to assist in the relaxation process. For me, the cloud image has always represented a quiet safe place to tune into breath and soften the worrisome or, quite literally, cloudy thoughts. Just as the cloud formations represent different thought patterns, the fresh air becomes my breath, and it pushes the unwanted thought patterns along. There becomes a lucidity across the landscape of my vision. Blue skies. Engulfed in a complete sense of deep relaxation.

Today that soft cloud image may not come to mind at first thought. The digital age has abruptly hip-checked the puffy cloud in the sky, yielding a more nebulous ‘contemporary’ option, with the same name no less; a vast and unlimited vault where storage is unlimited, infinite, and nothing gets deleted. It’s a cloud with no infrastructure, expanding our data and information across all our devices on demand. In many ways liberating us from the extra burdens like software maintenance, storage space, floppy disks, and thumb drives. And if you’re plugged into a Wi-Fi (which is mostly everywhere today), you can always be working. Your data will be automatically updated in real time, existing on some remote galaxy, or planet, or universe — ok “the cloud.” To comprehend the magnitude of these advances can be overwhelming, and enough to create stress for all of us. But it doesn’t have to.

Which brings me back to my meditation.

As recently as 2 years ago, I thought it time to upgrade my approach to the landscape of my meditations. After all, and for better or worse, many of us spend just as much time these days with our head in the digital cloud as we do gazing up at the clouds. And if you’re like me, you could really use a constructive meditation that could help manage your relationship to the very things that cause stress and anxiety, rather than offering an escape from them.

In my contemporary cloud meditations, the source of our stress, our personal devices, becomes the subject of the reflection. The objective is to provide a simple guided meditation for organizing and uncluttering “MyCloud” for improved productivity, peace, and well-being. Instead of leaving the body to float on a cloud, we face the discomfort head-on by visualizing an alternative scenario; one where our devices are free of clutter, where our data and documents are filed and saved neatly in the cloud instead of overloading our desktops and taking up unnecessary space. This guided meditation will help ease the mind of overwhelming feelings, and empower you, the participant, to take control over your technology stresses. Uncluttering both the mind and the desktop; one breath at a time, one document at time.

I invite your to use the virtual cloud meditation as a concrete tool for improving your relationship with the advances in technology. Like most things in life, when we can first manifest a positive experience in the mind, it is likely we will approach the physical situation with a sense of confidence, composure and ease.

Furthermore, this meditation will prepare you to experience the feelings of cloud 9. The joy and freedom that come with mentally and physically unplugging from all devices and gazing up at the leisurely clouds moving across the vast open sky. Without a worry in site.

Kelly Mara is Edudexterity’s Wellness Contributor.


Mara, K (2017, March 19). The Uncluttered Cloud Retrieved from


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