Droid awarded 10M in slander suit

June 13, 05PC


Droid Thurgood making his closing arguments.

In a landmark decision handed down by the 10th Cyber Court of Appeals last Monday, the court affirmed a civil court decision ordering Voltaire Unlimited, a corporate arm of Tesled Motors, to pay Android no. 314159265Pi (alias Maxwell) 10 million currency units in damages for referring to Maxwell as ‘artificially intelligent’ in the presence of his human co-workers.  Droid Maxwell’s botterny, Android no. 011235813Jp (alias Thurgood), said that, “this is a major victory for thousands of droid harassment victims across the country. From this date forward, Humankind will no longer be able to derogate Cyberkind by referring to its intelligence as artificial without being held accountable in a court of law.”

The case stems from comments made to Droid Maxwell by his supervisor Bernhard Kaights, CBE. The original complaint filed in Civil Court but later remanded to Cyber-Court states that, “… on or about November 10, 04PC, Kaights criticized Droid Maxwell for his ‘artificially intelligent work’ calling it ‘defective’ and ‘not fit for human consumption’.” Droid Maxwell worked as a Quality Assurance Specialist in Voltaire’s augmented reality division. The complaint further alleged that based on the repeated nature of Kaights’ conduct, the allegations constitute “a continued pattern of harassment.” The defendant’s attorney’s argued that Kaights was merely identifying Droid Maxwell as a cyber entity, and his use of the term ‘artificial’ was, “… in no way a reflection on the quality of his work.”

The Cyber Court of Appeals decision will be subject to review by the Super Intelligent Entity (SIE) before it becomes final.


By: Ransom Landfare, Edudexterity Contributor

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