A Student’s Diary Entries from the Post-Convergence


Dearest CBEs,

Just received a n-mail from my facilitator containing feedback about the project I completed for my Level 3 Ethics credential. The project asked my colleagues and me to submit 4 questions that intelligent entities should ponder about our future society. I submitted the following questions:

  1. Should the Super Intelligent Entity be given authority to engineer humans immortality?
  2. Should all learning entities be endowed with the same rights?
  3. What role should droids play in maintaining safe CO2 levels in the environment for humans?
  4. Do droids have dreams like humans, and if so, what do droids dream about?

My facilitator communicated to me that query #4 was a compound question not worthy of consideration. I will formulate another. Looking forward to meeting with my colleagues and facilitator at the b&m next month to process our Q&A. This time I will remember to bring my AVRGs.

Status – AOK!


By: Ransom Landfare, Edudexterity Contributor

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