A Student’s Diary Entries from the Post-Convergence

n-mail_06_14_05PC Dearest CBEs, Just received a n-mail from my facilitator containing feedback about the project I completed for my Level 3 Ethics credential. The project asked my colleagues and me to submit 4 questions that intelligent entities should ponder about our future society. I submitted the following questions: Should the Super Intelligent Entity be given... Continue Reading →

Droid awarded 10M in slander suit

June 13, 05PC In a landmark decision handed down by the 10th Cyber Court of Appeals last Monday, the court affirmed a civil court decision ordering Voltaire Unlimited, a corporate arm of Tesled Motors, to pay Android no. 314159265Pi (alias Maxwell) 10 million currency units in damages for referring to Maxwell as ‘artificially intelligent’ in the […]

Demonstrating Edudexterity

By Robert J. Harris June 9, 2017 As this school year comes to a close, school leaders from across the U.S. will have the opportunity to demonstrate their edudexterity. By definition edudexterity is a school leader’s ability to effectively lead a school organization of today while simultaneously implementing a strategy of exploration for the schools of... Continue Reading →

A Student’s Diary Entries from the Post-Convergence

n-mail_05_31_05PC Dearest CBEs, My colleague Jon received his level IV Credential Completion Certificate downloaded to his neural network today.  Excited, but he doesn’t show it – not programmed that way. Jon is advancing to Virtual University for Career Information Curation. When my level IV cert. arrives, don’t know what I’ll do. Thinking about taking a... Continue Reading →

Work/Life Balance or Integration?

By Robert J. Harris May 25, 2017 While some wellness advocates encourage employees to seek work/life balance, others maintain that for an individual to fully actualize in both work and life, they should strive for work/life integration (the concept of work/life integration places emphasis on the totality of a person’s experiences rather than as the... Continue Reading →

A Student’s Diary Entries from the Post-Convergence

n-mail_05_23_05PC Dearest CBEs, Engagement-level low waiting for our facilitator to arrive. Should have brought my AVRGs. Wearing them makes everything more interesting. Droids don’t need them. Today is Diversity Interaction Day at the brick & mortar. We - droids, humanoids, and CBE’s are assigned to a shared thinkerspace. The droids seem friendlier than the humans. Not... Continue Reading →

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